What’s monolithic about our contest site is that we’re here to build a location and provide a free promotional area for all entities in the tiny house and simple living movement. 

Participating here gives our movement, businesses large and small, and every person a place to celebrate wins in the movement and to highlight who’s involved to make a difference.

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Drop your name and email address and be entered to win one or many tiny house and simple living movement prizes.  While there are monthly sweeps exclusively sponsored by  The Monolithic Going Tiny Sweepstakes, look for additional daily, weekly and monthly drawing based contest from other tiny folks participating here.

Get your contest listed here freely, or let us professionally host a viral giveaway for a nominal fee.  More info here.  

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Everything from tiny books, tiny appliances, DIY big box gift cards, and unique items handcrafted by folks within the movement are on the roster for this year.

If you have a prize idea, drop us a note, we’d love to hear about it.

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